Horseradish is a great way to add some extra flavor to your meal. But what if you’re having trouble finding it?

Locating horseradish inside the grocery store can be a little bit of a challenge. Thankfully, most grocery stores tend to stock it in the same places.

In this article, we’ll go over where to find horseradish in the grocery store, as well as share some tips about shopping for horseradish.

What Grocery Store Aisle Is Horseradish In?

Horseradish can be found in the condiment aisle of most grocery stores, near the mayonnaise, relish, and ketchup.

Additionally, fresh horseradish may sometimes be stocked in the produce section.

However, the majority of the time it is best to look for jarred horseradish along with the other condiments, as this is where it’s kept by most stores.

What Stores Sell Horseradish?

Grocery Store Aisle

Most major grocery chains carry horseradish within their stores. Because it’s such a popular condiment, you can be almost certain that your grocery store has it in stock.

However, the exact brands or product lines carried may vary from retailer to retailer.

So, we’ve put together a list of major grocery stores, and the brands of horseradish that they carry.

  • Walmart: Silver Spring, Beaver Brand, Beano’s, Great Value
  • Whole Foods: Bubbies, Gold’s
  • Wegmans: Kraft, Inglehoffer, Woeber’s
  • Meijer: Chadalee Farms, Bookbinders, Inglehoffer, Woeber’s, Reese,
  • Target: Market Pantry
  • Safeway: Silver Spring, Beaver Brand, Moorhouse, Reese, Boars Head,
  • Publix: Silver Spring, Boars Head, Reese, Bookbinder’s, Gold’s, Inglehoffer, Woeber’s,
  • Kroger: Private Selection, Reese, Beaver, Inglehoffer, Silver Spring, Boars Head, S & B, Schnitzius, Kroger

What Are The Best Horseradish Brands?

Let’s say you’re able to locate the horseradish in the grocery store. Now that you’ve arrived in the right aisle, which horseradish should you choose?

We researched online to find out what brands of horseradish that people like best.

Beaver Brand horseradish is really loved by those that prefer a horseradish that isn’t at all sweet, while Woeber’s appears to be the most popular on Amazon. Customers highlight it for having just the right level of spicy-ness, without being too sweet either.

Amazon is a great place to gauge people’s interests, as is it reflects the choice people turn to with prices and shipping times being equal.

Where Is Horseradish In Walmart?

Horseradish can be found in Walmart within the condiments aisle, which is located in the dry foods section of the store.

If you start your search here, it shouldn’t be hard to find.

But what if you’re still having trouble, or you’re not yet familiar with your Walmart’s store layout?

Thankfully, Walmart is aware of this problem, and has developed a solution!

Horseradish In Walmart App

By using the Walmart app, you’re able to find the exact location of each horseradish that they carry.

To demonstrate, I ran a search for horseradish within the app, which pulled up several results.

The Walmart app shows us that in my specific Walmart, the horseradish is located on aisle 8, and aisle 39.

Download the app, and type in your zip code to find your local Walmart. The app will automatically update to show you the locations of each item within its store!

Frequently Asked Questions About Shopping For Horseradish

Although horseradish may not quite as popular as condiments like mustard or ketchup, there are still a lot of questions people have about it.

Let’s look over some them now!

When Can You Buy Fresh Horseradish?

Fresh horseradish is available within stores all months of the year. However, horseradish’s peak season is in Spring.

Does Horseradish Need To Be Refrigerated?

Yes. Horseradish should be kept in the refrigerator when not in use.

Does Horseradish Have Any Health Benefits?

Yes! Horseradish is full of antioxidants, which can help to prevent damage to cells in the body.


If you’re having trouble finding horseradish inside the grocery store, your best bet would be to look in the condiments section.

However, if fresh horseradish is what you’re after, you may consider looking in the produce aisle as well.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful. If you have any other questions about shopping for horseradish, please ask them using the comment form below.

Thank you for reading,

– James McAllister

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