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One question I commonly get from website owners – both bloggers as well as eCommerce store owners, is the value of Pinterest traffic.

Is Pinterest traffic worth anything? How does Pinterest traffic convert? Should I actively be focusing on my Pinterest strategy?

To be fair, I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with Pinterest traffic.

On one hand, my baby product brand, which is a wonderful market for Pinterest in general, gets a ton of traffic from Pinterest. It was by far our biggest traffic source from social media, and for a long time was our biggest traffic source period.

At the same time, it was also our poorest converting traffic source – converting 7x worse than organic Google traffic over the course of a year.

Why is that, and is there anything you can do to make Pinterest traffic more valuable? I’ll cover both of these in just a moment.

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Having spent over $100,000 in Amazon pay-per-click ads in 2019 across of hundreds of campaigns, I’ve learned a lot of lessons that wouldn’t have been obvious at the beginning.

Relatively speaking, Amazon PPC is still a relatively new platform, and it is constantly evolving. New tools and advertising strategies are coming out all the time, and there isn’t as much known about the platform vs something like Adwords or Facebook ads.

Therefore, I wanted to release this post to share all of my key findings over the last year.

Let’s look over some key Amazon pay-per-click strategies that have been helping me to reduce ACoS and make more sales on Amazon!

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If you ever want your blog to really skyrocket, you need a way to scale.

You need to develop a system that will allow you to grow consistently over time, without hitting any sort of plateau. Without hitting a ceiling, or any limits.

I started this blog because I knew that this market had limitless potential. I knew that the possibility was there to make millions of dollars a year. I knew that any limits that were in place were set by me, and I had control over all of them.

It wasn’t like that in the iPhone market, where I used to work in. I took off, and within a couple years I hit the max I could ever possibly make.

Most bloggers will never hit that ceiling if there even is one, because they do not do what is necessary to scale their business. 

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1 cent facebook page likes

I recently started a Facebook page from scratch, with the goal of building a profitable audience for as little as I possibly could, and the results are exciting.

You’re about to learn how I’ve been getting real page likes for as little as half a cent, and how these likes can be used to make you money. Seriously.

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