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Are you looking at a 75Hz monitor, and wondering if it will be good enough for gaming?

Deciding the number of Hz your monitor should have is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when picking a new computer monitor. However, depending on the type of games that you play, your needs will differ.

In this article, we’ll go over whether or not 75Hz is enough for the games you want to play, as well as share some other important tips when it comes to picking your perfect monitor.

Let’s get into it!

Is 75Hz Good For Gaming?

Yes. For the vast majority of gamers, 75Hz will be more than enough to play practically any game that you’d want to play.

While certain genres can certainly benefit from an even higher frame rate, 75Hz is still a significant advantage over 60Hz, and will offer an even better gaming experience.

In fact, the majority of console gamers are still locked to 60 FPS anyway. So if you’ve ever had an enjoyable experience gaming on a console (like the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X), 75Hz is already an improvement.

We’ll talk more about the differences you’re likely to notice a little on, but I want to say it again:

75Hz is enough to provide a great gaming experience, regardless of the type of game that you want to play. If you’re eyeing a 75Hz monitor, you won’t be disappointed by the refresh rate if you purchase it.

What Does Hz Mean, Anyway?

In case this is your first time buying a new monitor, let’s talk about Hz in more detail.

Hz stands for hertz, and it’s a fancy way to describe the monitors refresh rate.

A 60Hz monitor is able to refresh its screen 60 times per second, and a 75Hz monitor is able to refresh its screen 75 times per second.

Most computer monitors today range from 60Hz, to as high as 240Hz. However, the most common monitors sold today are either 60Hz, or 144Hz.

Keep in mind that even if your monitor is capable of refreshing say, 144 times per second, that doesn’t mean that you’ll actually hit 144 FPS each time you game with it.

This is because you need a PC powerful enough to be able to take advantage of the monitors full refresh rate. If your computer can only consistently hit 60 FPS while gaming, you will not notice any improvement on a 75Hz monitor over a 60Hz monitor.

A higher refresh rate is only noticeable if your computer is powerful enough to display that many frames per second.

So, with a less powerful PC, 75Hz makes a great choice if you wouldn’t be able to hit 144 FPS anyway.

Note: Did you know that most movies are only played back at 24fps? So, even with a higher refresh rate, you wouldn’t notice any difference!

60Hz vs 75Hz

Many people shopping for a new monitor are planning to upgrade from 60Hz. But is a 75Hz monitor actually worth it? Is there a noticeable difference between a 60Hz monitor, and a 75Hz monitor?

Having tried both out myself (and still using a 4K, 60Hz monitor for work), I can confirm that there is indeed a noticeable difference between the two.

Upgrading to a 75Hz monitor from a 60Hz monitor is essentially a 25% improvement in frame rate. While the difference is not nearly as huge as upgrading from 60 to 144Hz, it is still noticeable.

Again, this is particularly true if your computer is powerful enough to consistently push 75 frames-per-second while gaming. If you are prone to lag spikes or your computer isn’t powerful enough, the difference may not be as noticeable.

If you’ve already purchased a 75Hz monitor and you’re struggling to see the difference, you can manually set Windows to use 60Hz in your computer’s control panel. After switching back and forth a few times, you should definitely noticed the increased refresh rate that 75Hz provides.

75Hz vs 144Hz

Unfortunately, the difference between 75Hz and 144Hz is quite significant – much more noticeable than the difference between 75Hz and 60Hz.

While 75Hz is still good for gaming, there is undeniably an upgrade when increasing refresh rate even further.

Of course, with a 144Hz refresh rate comes a much higher price. Some people opt for 120Hz as a compromise, and this is still a noticeable upgrade over 75Hz as well.

That being said, if you’re using your monitor for work as well (or you care more about your game’s graphics than its refresh rate), why not take advantage of 4K?

While there are numerous 75Hz 4K monitors on the market, there aren’t nearly as many 144Hz 4K monitors, nor are there that many graphics cards that can actually take advantage of it.

This is why most 144Hz monitors today only go up to 1440P.

So, you may consider using this to your advantage and purchasing a 75Hz, 4K monitor instead. This will give you some of the best of both worlds – a higher refresh rate than 60Hz, and an even higher screen resolution than what’s available with most 144Hz monitors!

Is 75Hz Good For FPS Games (Call Of Duty, Overwatch, Apex Legends, Etc.)

Overwatch Tracer

75Hz monitors are perfectly capable of giving you a competitive gaming experience, even with games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty or Overwatch.

That being said, there is still a noticeable difference between 75Hz monitors and 144Hz monitors, especially when it comes to games such as these.

With competitive online games – especially FPS games, many gamers prefer the higher refresh rate of a 144Hz monitor, even over a 4K monitor with higher graphics. This is because even a few milliseconds can make the difference between beating someone else out in a firefight.

The added smoothness of a 144Hz monitor cannot be ignored, but at the same time, won’t magically make you better either.

Ultimately, improving your tactics, growing your knowledge of the game and improving your reaction time will make a bigger difference than the monitor will.

That being said, with so much motion going on, playing on a 144Hz monitor is undeniably a better experience.

Still, 75Hz is still wonderful – and is a greater refresh rate than what most people are playing on consoles anyway. You will not have a bad experience playing competitive games on a 75Hz monitor – even if 144Hz monitors may indeed be a tad better.

Is 75Hz Good For Minecraft?

Minecraft Multiplayer

Yes, 75Hz is more than enough for games like Minecraft.

In fact, it is still a significant upgrade over 60Hz monitors, and 144Hz monitors aren’t really needed for Minecraft anyway. This comes down to a few reasons.

First of all, Minecraft uses relatively simple graphics. This means that you’re likely to hit the full 75 frames per second, even if you’re on a cheaper PC. Some people buy more expensive 144Hz monitors, but are not even able to take advantage of them because their computer’s graphics card isn’t able to push 144 FPS consistently.

Secondly, there often isn’t a whole lot going on with the screen during Minecraft sessions, unlike FPS games for example (where things may be flying around or exploding constantly.) This makes the difference in frame rate not quite as noticeable or important.

Finally, because Minecraft isn’t quite as competitive and doesn’t require ultra-fast reflexes to play against others, 144Hz screens become less of an advantage.

A refresh rate of 75Hz is perfectly fine, and will suit you well while playing Minecraft.


75Hz monitors are a noticeable upgrade over 60Hz monitors, and are perfectly suited to gaming.

While competitive gamers may prefer the higher refresh rate of 144Hz monitors – especially if playing fast-paced games like competitive shooters, 75Hz is more than enough for most people.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful. If you have any other questions about computer monitors, please ask them using the comment form below.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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