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Welcome! You have just stumbled on what is going to be your number one resource for making money online. On JamesMcAllisterOnline.com, you will find a series of beginner-friendly, step by step proven methods to making money online, even if you have zero technical or programming knowledge. Best of all, the information on this website is completely free! The reality is, making money online is really only a four step process, and I’m here to help you every step of the way.

The Proven Four Step Guide To Making Money Online:

1. Creating Your Website

Step one to creating a successful website is getting your website online. After all, if you don’t have a website to go to, you can’t make any money off of it, right? James McAllister Online teaches you exactly how to get your website out there for the world to see. Learn the secrets to getting your website online now and you won’t ever have to worry about it in the future.

Choosing A Web Host 

I like to think of web hosting and domain names like a store. Your web host is like your store building – it’s the place where you keep and showcase all of your products and belongings (your website files and content) so other people can come inside and view or purchase them.

While all web hosts essentially do the same thing, there are some that are better than others in terms of features and support. I recommend checking out this article to find out what to look for when choosing a web host, along with my personal recommendations.

What About Free Hosts?

There are two main problems with free hosts. First of all, they look incredibly unprofessional. You can’t expect anybody to take you seriously or spend any money if your website ends in .blogspot.com or .webs.com.

Second, and more importantly, you don’t actually own your content if you use a free host. Therefore, you’re extremely limited with what you can do with it. Not only that, but the content owner can remove it in the blink of an eye, with no prior warning, to be lost forever. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Choose A Proper Domain Name

Your domain name is like your real estate – the land and address that people use to find your store. Online, your domain name is what people type in the address bar to arrive on your website. Choosing a domain name can be difficult, because you can’t easily modify it if you change your mind later. I highly recommend learning the common mistakes to avoid when choosing a domain name, so you can be sure whatever name you choose is a good fit for your business.

Choose The Type Of Website You Want To Create

Today, it’s very easy to create any type of website you want. If you want to create a static website, there are templates for it. If you want to create a blog or forum, there are content management systems for it. Social network? Yep, those too. It’s important to decide what type of website you want to create ahead of time, so you can avoid having to switch over later. Beginners generally have the most success with WordPress blogs, due to their simplicity and marketability. Again, no coding knowledge is needed, which make them a great choice for anyone!

However, you may also consider creating a niche site. People who are willing to invest their time into developing a successful niche site will find that it earns money completely on autopilot. This is great for those looking to create passive income for themselves, and quit working altogether.

2. Creating Content

You could spend thousands of hours advertising, you could have the internet’s best looking web design, but the fact of the matter is that nobody will come to your website and stay if you don’t have the type of content people are looking for. James McAllister Online teaches you the best techniques to get your visitors loving your content – making them share it to their friends and come back regularly for even more.

3. Build Traffic

On the internet, traffic makes the world go ’round. Here, you’ll find the best methods to effectively bring new visitors to your website. How cool would it be to see your website ranked on the front page of Google?  How cool would it be to see big websites such as Gizmodo or the New York times referring visitors to your website for free?  How cool would it be to see thousands of followers on your social media pages, advertising your content for free?

I’m currently offering a FREE traffic building e-Course. You can learn all about that by clicking here!

4. Make Money

Did you know that over 81% of website owners  never make more than $100 off of their websites? Well guess what! You’re not going to be one of those people. You’re going to be making more – significantly more! Here on JamesMcAllisterOnline.com, you will learn how to make money off of your site through a plethora of different methods. Not only will you learn how to get started with these,you will learn how you can make the most amount of money possible off of your website. You’ll learn how to put advertisements on your website through Google Adsense, choose the best affiliate programs for your website’s topic, sell your own ad space, make money through YouTube, and much much more – perhaps eventually making enough money to live off of!

But.. Let’s Keep It Real!

Let me start off by saying that it is absolutely possible to make a living online – myself and thousands of others have been doing so for years! However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Starting a website is similar to starting any other type of business – with the right amount of effort and some trial and error, the potential payoff can be very rewarding in the long term. If you actually take the time to apply all of the techniques found on this site, you’ll already be way better off than 99% of webmasters looking to make money online.

How Long Will Online Success Take?

Speedometer - Reaching Your Goal

This is one of the most common questions by aspiring webmasters, and is also unfortunately one of the most difficult to answer. The reality is, its all up to YOU.

In a traditional job, you are paid a flat salary. You work X amount of hours, and as as a result, you get paid of X amount of dollars. This simply isn’t the case for websites, or businesses in general. There are hundreds of factors that go into the equation when determining profitability from your website.

One thing I can guarantee however, is that if you take the time and effort and utilize this valuable resource, you will start making money. And the great thing is, money from your websites aren’t limited – you may end up exceeding your wildest dreams!

Keep Your Eyes Off The Prize… Or Else!

One of the most common mistakes people make when starting a website is focusing solely on the money. This is what generally happens with these type of people:

They start a website, excited about the prospect of making money online. They throw up a good amount of articles, and market the website a bit. Some people visit their website, but they do not click on any ads, nor do they buy anything. After a few months, the webmaster gets fed up with the lack of revenue, shuts down the website, and says that making money online is a scam.

As we now know, making money online isn’t easy. It will not pay right away (heck, my first month online, I only earned $5!). Therefore, if you don’t actually enjoy what you’re writing about, it’ll feel like a huge chore. A second job. You’ll dislike it, and you’ll quit.

If you want your business to succeed, it’s vital you enjoy your work. Ideally, you’ll write about something you’re passionate about, and can provide unique information or experiences on. After all, the internet these days is a competitive place – if a visitor doesn’t find the information they’re looking for, they’ll click the back button and visit the next one.

You absolutely have to cater to your visitor, and make visiting your website the best possible experience for them.

About Me

james mcallisterI’ll be honest, I don’t like talking about myself a lot. After all, this website is about you! However, I’d like to introduce myself to you personally so you know where I’m coming from. My name is James McAllister, and I’ve been an entrepreneur all of my life.  I started my first website in 2007 at the age of 11, believe it or not! My first ‘real’ website came a few years later, which ended up failing miserably (as did the next website, and several more after that).

Today, I own several thriving businesses, including a baby product company called Kinacle and a print-on-demand company called 4 All Times. Here on JamesMcAllisterOnline.com, it’s my goal to help you grow your business as well. You can learn more about me and my story on the About page of this website.  I look forward to talking with you, and if you ever have any questions, you’re welcome to contact me at any time!


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