Is USPS tracking currently showing a message stating that your package is awaiting a delivery scan?

This can be confusing to see, especially if your package was due to be delivered today.

So, what does ‘awaiting delivery scan’ actually mean, when should you expect your package to arrive, and what should you do if your tracking gets stuck on this message?

In this article, I’ll be answering all of these questions and more!

What Does ‘Awaiting Delivery Scan’ Mean On USPS Tracking?

USPS Vehicles

If you are seeing a message on USPS tracking that says your package is awaiting a delivery scan, this means that the package was due out for delivery. However, it has not yet been scanned as delivered.

When USPS drivers deliver a package, they perform a final scan on the shipping label’s barcode to update it in their system. When this delivery scan occurs, tracking will update to show that the package has been delivered.

However, the ‘awaiting delivery scan’ message indicates that USPS expects the package to have been delivered by now, but no delivery scan was performed.

To better understand this, let’s look over the different reasons why this message appears in the first place!

What Causes The ‘Awaiting Delivery Scan’ Message To Appear?

So, what would cause ‘Awaiting delivery scan’ to appear on your USPS tracking page?

Usually, it comes down to one of three things.

1. The Package Was Actually Delivered, But Wasn’t Scanned When It Happened

First things first, it’s possible that your package was actually delivered as planned.

However, the postal worker simply forgot to do the final scan to mark it as delivered!

Therefore, if it’s after the time of day you usually receive packages from USPS, you may wish to check whether it’s been delivered or not.

Be sure to check both your front door, your mailbox, and anywhere else on your property that packages usually get delivered to.

If you are still unable to locate it, chances are the message is appearing for other reasons.

2. The Package Was Due For Delivery, But Didn’t End Up Getting Delivered Today

Secondly, it’s also possible that the package was due to be delivered today, and was originally marked as ‘out for delivery.’ However, for one reason or another, the package wasn’t able to get delivered.

This could be due to a number of causes. Most frequently, the driver simply ran out of time, and wasn’t able to complete all stops on their route for that day.

This is more likely during peak shipping seasons, where a larger volume of packages than normal are going through the postal season. It’s also more frequent if you’re experiencing bad weather, show thunder or snow storms.

USPS does deliver in bad weather, but bad weather inevitably slows things down.

Finally, it’s also possible that the package either got loaded onto the wrong truck, or failed to get loaded onto the truck at all.

Anyhow, USPS expected the package to be delivered today. But since it wasn’t, no delivery scan was performed, and the ‘Awaiting delivery scan’ message will remain on the tracking page until another update / scan is performed.

3. The Package Was Scanned Incorrectly

Finally, it’s also possible that the package was simply scanned incorrectly.

USPS has a lot of internal code messages they use to provide updates for packages, and it’s possible that somewhere along the line, the wrong code was used.

The easiest way to determine whether this may be the issue is to look at the most recent city that the package has been scanned in.

If it hasn’t yet arrived at your local post office, then it was likely scanned incorrectly.

Note that along your package’s journey, you should see other messages first – such as ‘departed USPS regional facility‘ and ‘Arrival at unit.’ International shipments may also see a message like ‘Depart From Transit Office Of Exchange.’ 

If these messages are missing and the most recent update is in a different city, chances are your local post office isn’t in possession of the package yet – so it still has a ways to go before it can actually be delivered. 

When Should You Expect The Package To Arrive?

Now that you know the different reasons why your USPS package may be awaiting a delivery scan, when should you expect it to arrive?

First, if you haven’t already, check to make sure that it wasn’t actually delivered. It’s possible that USPS may have delivered the package either to your front door or to your mailbox.

While this would normally be specified on the tracking page, this information unfortunately won’t be available if the postal worker didn’t scan the package as delivered.

If it’s not there, chances are it will be delivered on the following delivery day. USPS delivers all days except Sundays, so unless today is currently Saturday than it is likely to arrive tomorrow.

In fact, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the delay does not last longer than 1 day, even if the package was accidentally placed on the wrong truck the day before.

Of course, if it’s been several days since the ‘Awaiting delivery scan’ message appeared and your package still hasn’t arrived, it’s time to look into the matter further.

My Package Wasn’t Delivered, And Is Stuck On ‘Awaiting Delivery Scan.’

Let’s say that you’ve verified your package hasn’t been delivered, and is still showing the ‘Awaiting delivery scan’ message. What now?

First, wait at least 2 delivery days before you start to worry. As already mentioned, the vast majority of packages are delivered the following delivery day.

If it’s still not there however, it may be a good idea to contact USPS for further information. They will be able to look into the matter for you, and hopefully help you locate your package.

It is possible that the package actually was delivered, and unfortunately was stolen before you were able to receive it.

What’s far more likely however is that it’s still at your local post office and is scheduled to be delivered.

In either case, contacting USPS is a good idea.

You can learn how to reach a real human at USPS by following the advice in this article here. Or, simply visit your local post office branch to inquire.

If your city has multiple post offices, you’ll want to visit the one that has the same zip code as your delivery address (as they will be the ones handling your package.)

Note: You’ll also want to make sure that tracking isn’t showing any other errors that would have prevented delivery. For example, no access to delivery location, no authorized recipient available, no such number, no secure location available, etc. These messages can help pinpoint exactly why a delivery didn’t occur, and can give you further insight as to how to fix it.


Although it can be frustrating, most packages that say ‘Awaiting delivery scan’ are usually delivered the following day.

Most of the time, something simply prevented delivery from occurring that day. However, this message can also appear if the package is scanned incorrectly, or the postal worker fails to scan the package after delivering it to your address.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful, and your package will arrive soon.

If you have any other questions about USPS, ask them below and I’ll be happy to help.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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